Our Team


Kalani Creutzburg, Marine Corps


Kalani served 10 years in the Marine Corps and is a licensed CPA.  He earned both his Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of San Diego.  He started Cammies & Canines with the help of his best friend Bas (short for Gunnery Sergeant Baseline.  You can follow Bas on Instagram at Bas_The_Super_Dog). Kalani's greatest passion is being in service to the community and making a positive difference to all those around him.


Daniel Colvin, Army


Served in the Army as a surgical technician for 10 years and now spends most of his time driving the Cammies & Canines mission and inspiring others to do all they can to give back to the community.  On the side he also happens to be the most awesome Real Estate agent in San Diego!


Angela Bell, Navy

Event Coordinator

Angela proudly served our Country as a Corpsman in the Navy and now has a degree in Nursing.  Her passion to help all of mankind especially those who need it most serves as 'the glue that makes everything stick in Cammies & Canines!  She certainly has the biggest heart out of all of us.


Ian Plumlee, Marine Corps

Digital Media

Ian proudly served in the Marine Corps for four years as an infantry team leader with 1st Battalion 5th Marines. After his term, Ian received a degree in web development and later moved on to pursue a career in digital marketing. For the past 6 years, he's been helping small business grow and achieve their goals using the power of the internet.


James Byrne, Marine Corps

Web Developer

A tank commander in the Marine Corps now awesome web developer!  James brings his passion for art and computer graphics along with his extensive knowledge of graphic design, SEO, hosting, printing and more.  His philosophy is simply "do what you say you're going to do and produce high quality products."


Niccola Bergendorff, Marine Corps


After the Marine Corps she's now following her passion of photography and rescue.  Her three rescue hooligans saved her life and now she's helping others the same way. If she's not snapping photos or walking dogs, you'll find her at any climbing gym or the beach! ....or most likely at her computer editing photos!!


Veronica Bonilla, Marine Corps

Public Relations & Social Media Manager

Proudly served our Country now she serves our community.  Veronica goes out of her way to help Veterans in any way necessary.  Good karma pours out from her heart, and her constant smile is something the entire Cammies & Canines team benefits from on a daily basis!