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rescuing homeless dogs, healing homeless veterans

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The Story behind It's Just Puppy Love

I had my first love in 3rd grade.  I even walked her home from school every day and sometimes carried her book bag.  Finally my grandma asked why I kept coming home from school so late.  I told her was walking my girlfriend home whom I was in love with!  

My grandma giggled and replied, "boy that ain't love... it's just puppy love!

Almost 30 years later and i now realize... "You're right!  It is Just PUPPY LOVE Grandma!  It's a puppies love that can heal even the deepest wounds us Veterans have!"  And now we're building a dog rescue focus on dogs about to be euthanized.  And the entire operation will be ran by the homeless Veterans we're working with!  Rescuing homeless dogs, healing homeless Veterans! 

"It's Just Puppy Love" is a registered trademark by Cammies & Canines.

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Become a fundraiser or make a charitable donation at our non-profit dog rescue fundraising page.

Click here -> www.puppieslove.org

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